Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MassBudget Report: Uplifting the Whole Child


Uplifting the Whole Child:
Using Wraparound Services to Overcome Social Barriers to Learning
Making sure that every child has a real opportunity to thrive in school often requires strategies for helping students to overcome non-academic challenges. Students may be facing physical or mental health issues, homelessness, other economic challenges, and family instability.

To help children and families overcome these barriers to success, a number of school districts across the country have implemented wraparound services in their schools. Recent research shows that these programs can improve both the academic and life success of the students who are served.

Effective wraparound services have several elements including:

  • Comprehensive health service clinics
  • Mental and behavioral health, wellness, & prevention programs
  • Family resource centers
MassBudget's new paper, Uplifting the Whole Child: Using Wraparound Services to Overcome Social Barriers to Learning, examines evidence on the effectiveness of best practices across the country, describes progress being made in Massachusetts, and estimates costs for implementing evidence-based practices more widely.

This report is part of a shared project--the Roadmap for Expanding Opportunity: Evidence on What Works in Education--led by MassBudget and the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy. The project is composed of a series of reports that identify evidence-based strategies for supporting all children in achieving college, career, and life success.

Click HERE to visit the project website and read the reports.

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