Thursday, August 7, 2014

Noonday Collection Fall Launch at Pour Richard's

Fashion With A Mission: Supporting Vulnerable Families Around the Globe

With back-to-school on the brain, it is hard for most parents in this region to imagine not having education as an option for their child. Olivia was just days away from handing her 4 year old daughter over to an orphanage in Uganda, before her life changed completely, thanks to a job opportunity as a jewelry maker, which not only provided a rare earning opportunity, but also a scholarship for her daughter. Jacqueline Volpe from Wrentham is proud to share Olivia's story and her beautiful artistry every day in her role as an Ambassador for Noonday Collection. 
Noonday Collection is part of a rising trend of social impact businesses, which are focused on making a difference while creating trendsetting products. For Noonday, their mission is tied to connecting individuals across the globe through shared stories and fashion. In a war-torn country like Uganda, which has 2.5 million orphans, the ability to find self-sustaining income is hard for most people. Which is why when Jacqueline wears her necklace made from paper beads in Uganda, she not only appreciates the craft and beauty of her jewelry, but she relishes the ability to support other women entrepreneurs across the globe. 
Jacqueline joined a growing number of Noonday Ambassadors in May as a way of supporting her own family, but was also drawn to a larger mission of creating opportunities for vulnerable women and families around the world. As an artist herself, she is inspired by the work of the Noonday artisans and she connects with Noonday as a celebrator of creativity and as a preserver of arts and crafts. As a Noonday Ambassador she has not only expanded her own selling and design skills, but she has also become a storyteller, sharing the remarkable stories of the men and women who made the products they wear. 
Noonday Collection and its Ambassadors have directly impacted over 2,000 artisans in over 10 countries, including women like Olivia, by creating jobs and supporting a growing group of entrepreneurs who design and sell jewelry and accessories to fashion-forward women all over the US and some parts of Europe.
Pour Richard's
Pour Richard's
Noonday will be launching their new Fall line on August 7th, which features designs from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala, Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Rwanda, India and Vietnam. Jacqueline has partnered with Pour Richard's Wine & Spirits shop in Franklin for a special LNO – Ladies Night Out and a Noonday Nationwide Trunk Show. Thursday, August 7th, from 6:30-8:30 stop by Pour Richard's at 14 Grove Street in Franklin to sample fine wines, a craft cocktail, delicious nibbles, and be entered in a special Noonday drawing as you explore in person the new jewelry, scarves, and handbags in the Collection. 
To learn more about the Noonday Collection, please visit or contact Jacqueline by email at

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