Monday, August 4, 2014

funding for school zone safety lights in Franklin put back in the budget

State funding for traffic signals for additional locations within Franklin was part of the current FY 2015 budget, vetoed by the Governor and re-instated last week. Milford Daily News reports:
The other amendment, which asked for $60,000 to fund the installation and operation of solar-powered school zone safety lights in Franklin, was also vetoed. 
Roy last month said he called the governor’s office asking for an explanation and was told Patrick "was eliminating all earmarks in the budget." 
And with the new Franklin High School set to open this fall, Roy said the town’s "reasonable request" would help mitigate traffic in the school-heavy area. 
"To me, these were two very important issues for both Franklin and Medway," Roy said before he asked the House and Senate to override the vetoes.

Continue reading the full article in the Milford Daily News here

What kind of traffic signals are these? Similar to the one installed on King St by the Parmenter School.

pedestrian traffic signal on King St
pedestrian traffic signal on King St

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