Saturday, August 9, 2014

Town Council meeting summary - Aug 6, 2014

So what happened at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday?


  • The override of the $60K for school street crossing signs (similar to those for Parmenter school on King St) was announced.
  • The ribbon cutting for the new Sculpture Park is scheduled for Weds Aug 27th at 5:00 PM
  • A friendly reminder of the Ladybug Spots appearing on the Town Common Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:00 PM

License Transactions

There were two normal license transactions. Soco Rose changed its name and there was an personnel change in the interest of the 99 Restaurant. owner.

GBU - formerly called Soco Rose
GBU - formerly called Soco Rose


1 - Gateway Committee
They made a brief presentation formally introducing their proposal already published here and presented to the Economic Development Committee. It seemed to be very successful as the proposal to reserve some space on the lot for the recognition of Horace Mann was referenced as well in the Economic development update.

The three letters that were the responses to the 'Request for Expression of Interest' can be found here

2 - Collection containers
The containers for Salvation Army and other organizations are not covered by bylaws. The discussion was to introduce the concept, gather feedback and if desired, continue to work on the development of a bylaw. The consensus was this would be a good thing so work will proceed and we'll see a draft at a future meeting.

3 - Downtown parking
What should be done with the downtown parking? When Main St is under construction, the parking meters will be taken out. Do they go back, or is there another way to manage parking. The proposal reviewed was not put parking meters back in. There would be some sort of pole arrangement to still have the flags placed for holidays and veterans funerals. There would still be some monitoring of the parking and ticketing where necessary to enforce it. The proposal would also include a minor increase in the parking rates for the reserved spots. The timing of when the rates would be effective would be determined after the construction is complete.

Town Administrator Jeff Nutting presenting the parking proposal
Town Administrator Jeff Nutting presenting the parking proposal
Additional details on the meeting can be found in this collection of posts reported live during the Town Council meeting on Wednesday:

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