Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"All class gifts that could be saved, have been saved"

A thread of conversation around the demolition of the old high school has appeared again on Facebook discussing what could have been saved. Ed Cafasso, member of the School Building Committee replied to the thread as follows:
All class gifts that could be saved, have been saved. The obvious exception are things like wall murals. The Panther statue, the granite benches, the trophies and other awards, honors and gifts are all in storage. They will be put into the new school later this year, once students and faculty are settled in, and people have a chance to catch their breath. 
All of the schools in town, including Tri-County, had the opportunity to take used furniture and fixtures that were surplus. Technology items have been distributed to elementary and middle schools as appropriate. Other items that could not be reused by the Town were donated to charities. 
All of these actions have been discussed publicly by the School Committee, and recorded in their minutes and meeting videos. I hope these facts work to dispel continued rumors, but if you still have concerns, please feel free to contact members of the Franklin School Committee. 
Demolition will begin at 7 a.m., August 6, so no bricks are available yet as mementos. There will be a public open house at the new FHS on the weekend of September 20 and 21st. 
Your fellow FHS alumni work or volunteer on all of the Town and School boards that have been involved in the development and execution of these plans. Everyone involved respects the history of the school and the importance of class gifts. 
The priority at this moment is to make sure every aspect of the new FHS is ready for 1,700+ students, and for faculty, at the start of the school year. People are working hard, so your patience and support is appreciated. Thanks.
You can find the thread here on Facebook if you want to read the whole thread

front of new high school, taken on tour June 30th
front of new high school, taken on tour June 30th

The School Building Committee info on the Franklin page can be found here

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