Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Live reporting: collection boxes and parking discussion


»Collection Containers

allowed in industrial zones, religious and non-profit organizations exempt from this
looking for support to bring forward in a future agenda

good idea

a great idea, some of the containers are actually put there by a for-profit business

Still a work in progress, vetting with colleagues, etc.
if you are a non-profit, could have two boxes on your own property
for all others, would be limited to the approved law, required to maintain, etc.

»Parking Discussion

photos of maps to be added
looking to adjust the parking, would maintain parking officer but get rid of the meters
we do have time but by the end of the year should have the bylaw ready to go

Town Administrator Jeff Nutting discussing the parking proposal
Town Administrator Jeff Nutting discussing the parking proposal

to enhance the business environment, less hassle around parking meters, don't have change, etc.
if it doesn't work, could put meters back in
do get about 50K per year for enforcement which helps to recover the costs of the officer

Kelly - I do eat downtown, I don't always have a quarter so I don't park downtown, I'll go elsewhere

Mercer - I support the concept as Jeff has presented, I understand there may be some tweaking needed

downtown parking proposal
downtown parking proposal

Pfeffer - what about during construction?
Nutting - all bets are off during construction. There is not an intent to put this in the middle of the construction. We just want to think about what we want it to be when all is said and done

Pfeffer - it doesn't seem fair to raise the rates during the construction
Nutting - when it goes in, is an open question, I wasn't going to put this in right away
hash it around, any feedback would be appreciated, then we can start working on the bylaw and start working on the timing

summary of existing downtown parking
summary of existing downtown parking

Padula - can we get copies of the before and after?
Nutting - yes. We make about 17K in meter revenue. We'll still get some money due to the ticketing. our lot is 2/day. The MBTA is 4/day so I was looking to charge a little more, maybe 40 cents. a minimal increase

Padula - merchant fee? how does that work?
Nutting - green lines say merchant parking; pay every six months, 20-21 sold each year, only 2-3 companies buying them today, looking to increase the number of spots available for this

Bissanti - How are they identified?
Nutting - there are signs today, the signs would changed based upon what we decide

Vallee - I think Judy is right, we'd wait to next spring
Nutting - for some of this you don't have to wait until next spring

Pfeffer - my concern was getting the higher rates when the construction was going on
Nutting - you could make this effective whenever you want

Kelly - we need to do the planing now so we avoid a decision at the last minute. We don't need to implement right away, we should start it now so we'll be ready

Mercer - I agree, we should start now and be ready to implement when appropriate

Jones - I agree, I also agree with Judy that we should note that the fees would be implemented at a later date

Nutting - I was more concerned about the implementation and not about the timing for the fees

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