Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Live reporting: Gateway Committee

»Gateway Committee

Restatement of the letter published earlier this week
● We request that approximately 20% of the property, roughly 8,000 square feet, be retained by the town of Franklin, specifically the southwest parcel of land, in perpetuity, to be used as community green space. Maintaining the corner of this parcel would allow the Town of Franklin to control the initial welcoming impression of visitors to the downtown area. 
● We fully concur that a statue or monument in honor of Horace Mann is appropriate and needed, and we support this measure that has been broadly talked about in discussion of the future use of this space. We recommend that the statue and green space project be designed and managed by a community committee in conjunction with the Town, rather than an outside developer, so the statue is done to the community's specifications. We suggest securing state funding for this important project. 
● We suggest that the building frontage to Route 140 have limited setback, after landscaping provisions, to continue and enhance the New England style main street appeal that exists in the downtown area. 
● We request that parking be sufficient and adequate for the building use but not a primary focus of the development, with consideration given to the streetscape project and traffic pattern changes that have yet to occur. 
● We explicitly request that no drive-through of any sort be permitted in this development.
Thanks for the opportunity
Thanks to Economic Development committee

Lisa Piana, Executive Director, Franklin Downtown Partnership

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