Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Live reporting: DPW update

– Brutus Cantoreggi, DPW Director
Chris White, Recycling coordinator

(presentation to be added later)

Beaver St connector

update on the Beaver St connector repair conducted in Dec 2014

68% of our sewerage goes through this point

Solid Waste

delay or cancel the trash pickup, first time it was ever canceled
no way to make it up
gave out ~600 bags, (300 residents); about 10% used the bags
opened the recycling center

delayed on top of the cancellation didn't help

contamination in the recycling
it is state law to not put trash in the recycling

covering on a cardboard box of water bottles, the plastic is not recyclable
recycling rate 33% for Franklin

random week selected; collect all the recycling, weigh it, sort the trash out, weigh the trash, the net trash as a percent of the total determines the rate of return

only one around that takes Styrofoam

there is a camera on the truck so the driver can see what is in the bin as he picks it up

new pricing in effect 7/1/15
additional communications and awareness before that implementation

end of the driveway is best place for the bins
if you don't have a driveway shovel a spot for the bin
don't put on top of the snow bank

Kelly - the warning is great but it can be upsetting
I think they get confused; there is typically a letter that references the Town website

Kelly - who is monitoring that?
White - we'll be there, the DEP is really monitoring but we'll be there

Brutus - we are tough  on them asking them the same questions
we were actually getting paid for our recycling, but the economy has changed and we are being charged. Our recycling is pretty good, it is more the cities that are having problems

Padula - I am not opposed to giving a warning the first time and stick them the second time
if we don't that affects what we all get in return

it is a law to not put recycling in the trash

Dellorco - what size TV's fit in that?
White - small ones, 13" ...

Dellorco - the truck we use are only used here
White - yes, our truck are labeled and unless there is a mechanical problem, we know

White - everyday we get a listing of who put their carts out or didn't, what in them (especially after the fact)

Snow Update

Doing really good, 43" one week challenge
pretty much what we get in a year, we got in a week

the size of the snow banks is becoming a challenge
58" spent 752K so far of that $268K for salt

joint bid via a consortium for the salt

5 truck route vs. treating the whole town
$30,000 for the whole town
8,000 for the 5 truck route; done that a few times this year

there is always a concern with the police and fire to ensure that their vehicles get around
no incidents thus far with this program

all public priorities
school facilities and buildings
sidewalks identified as walking routes

mailbox claims must be submitted by May 15th to get into this years budget

pushing snow into the roadway
about 50 warnings sent with last snow storms

good listing of top 10 complaints

Franklin has more cul-de-sacs per capita than any other location

There are hydrant without markers, so the DPW will be doing better with that coming up

29" for the blizzard
14" for the last one
Franklin DPW recording

no combined sewer and drain pipes in Franklin

all the water empties into Mine Brook

Kelly - plan for the summer to paint and replace markers?
Brutus - there was a policy of putting up and taking them down, somewhere along the line we stopped putting them on; when we do the flushing and painting, we should put them on
my goal is to put one on every hydrant
if you can find one, let us know we can find them, we have them plotted

Nutting - phosphorus issue, will save MA $180M
the ban of phosphorus in fertilizers came from Brutus, it was his idea

Bissanti - kudos to a great job on the storm
Carlos and Deacon and the guys do a tremendous job

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