Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beaver St connector, recycling and snow removal updates provided

It was a quieter and shorter meeting than the past two for the Town Council. The Emmons St building has been sold, the RFP for Pond St is being re-worked so the large public participation was not in attendence.

DPW Director, Brutus Cantoreggi assisted by Recycling Coordinator Chris White provides updates on three major topics.

This document was used last night.

Pictures of the Beaver St connector and the repairs performed at great savings in December were impressive. The repairs had been estimated to cost $400,000 and came in at $122,000.

The DEP is working with the trash and recycling vendors to start implementing an enforcement of the restrictions around mixing trash with recycling and recycling with trash.

There are cameras on the truck to record what comes out of the totters as they are picked up. If you do put something you are not supposed to in either the trash or recycling, it is recorded and could result in a warning. Multiple infractions could result in individual fines.

There was talk of someone trying to 'recycle' a small TV in with their recycling. This is not permitted.

WasteManagement will be implementing spot studies where for a week, all the recycling will be held until the collection is complete. It will be weighed, processed and that which shouldn't be part weighed to provide a net 'good' weight. Franklin will then pay based upon the amount of 'clean' recycling on a scale where the poorer the amount of 'clean' the more we'd need to pay.

This program is effective July 1, 2015. There will be adidtional communications and information to the community between now and then to help prepare for this.
King St at Wachusett St
King St at Wachusett St

On the snow front, Franklin has spent almost $800,000 with snow removal so far. Approximately $268,000 of that total is for the salt. The remainder is for labor and contract resources. 

The 43 inches of snow cleared in the last week is about what the DPW normally clears in a full season.

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