Thursday, February 5, 2015

Economic Development Committee - meeting notes - Feb 3, 2015

Committee Present: Mr. Bissanti, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Vallee,
Committee Absent: Mr Padula

Town Representatives participating in meeting:  Mr. Nutting, Mr. Taberner, Mrs. Wierling

Also in attendance: Mr. Mercer, Mrs. Pfeffer

Notably missing: Anyone from the Planning Board

1. Mr. Nutting put together a package with information on the Pond Street background which was distributed to attendees

2. General protocol of EDC meeting was included in the packet

3. Mr. Nutting presented financial estimates based on 2014 proposal (same as presented at the Dec. 17th EDC meeting.) Estimates a hotel, business building and 50 condominiums would generate approximately $613,250 in tax revenue for the Town of Franklin

4. Comments were accepted in regards to the RFP. Comments or requests to include in RFP:
a. Limit on residential componentb. Why are we trying to sell?
  •  Answer given: Economic reason only.
c. Can we put in buffers?
  • 40 vs. 200 ft buffers
  • Fuss and O’Neill report recommend 200-foot “no cut” buffer
d. Idea of solar panels was brought up again.
  • Mr. Kelly suggested this be included as a possible use in the RFP
e. Can we include incentives for developers to build an attractive area that includes sustainable buildings, roof top gardens, open space for greater community.
5. Mr. Kelly called for a vote to table the discussion until the next ECD meeting. Meeting date TBD.

Thanks to Sandra Verhaegen for preparing these notes to share

Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

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