Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Repeat offenders would be subject to fines"

The Department of Public Works is warning residents to stop putting trash in their recycling carts, saying it could lead to fines and a higher rate for the service. 
Beginning July 1, Waste Management will charge the town extra based on the amount of trash plucked from the recycling stream, said DPW Director Robert Cantoreggi. 
The rate for recycling can increase or decrease depending on the trash that the hauler finds. A load with very little trash could cost as low as $5 a ton, while one with lots of trash could cost the town as much as $40 a ton.
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overflow trash bags and totters on the road ready for pickup
overflow trash bags and totters on the road ready for pickup

For my full set of notes from the DPW presentation to the Town Council at Wednesday's meeting, including the presentation document itself, check this link

In addition to recycling and the increased enforcement that is coming, the DPW presentation provides updates on the repair to the Beaver St connector and to the current snow/ice removal process. Franklin has spent almost $800,000 of which $268,000 was for salt. Given the forecast, Franklin will exceed the current snow/ice amount budgeted and eat into some of the 'free capital'.

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