Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Live reporting: ECDC update

2. Guests/Presentations

b. ECDC Update – Kelty Kelley

historically had two start times but needed to change to one start time
now really one school

pilot program last summer expanded this summer

families looking for longer school days, school has been meeting the needs by expanding

worked on curriculum last summer to synchronize the themes across the program, working on a common vocabulary to help all involved talk with the same words

"Big Idea" - posted at the beginning of each unit to help center the idea and activities

Open House to showcase the learning and engage the parents
created a passport to get checked off for each activity in each classroom, a change from the prior open house where the parents would go to the one classroom, visit and leave for the night

literacy tied in to the lessons

problem solving, how to fit ten apples on top, an engineering challenge

art theme, inspired by Eric Carle

increasing communications and connections, via email, also started a blog
You can find the Principal's Page here http://ecdcprincipalpage.blogspot.com/
(It is also found on the right column of the Franklin Matters home page where the Franklin Area blogs are located)

parent workshop to help them engage their children with STEM learning (a good way is by cooking)

a networking group for parents of children with special needs that don't already have an IEP

looking to make a long term partnership with the Franklin Public Schools, working with a collaborative advocate

working to include the children from sub-separate classrooms to spend time with regular classrooms, part of the long term transition

worked to streamline the registration process, eliminate one step in the process (already registered with the district for proof of residence)

special transition program with each of the receiving schools, enabling connections and meetings

the children makes the connections easily, facilitated the parent connections

nice work, did well unifying the school

some were fairly simple things and I don't mean to minimize it, do the foundational things and it helps

enrollment is currently above 160 children

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