Monday, June 8, 2015

FHS 2015 - All Night Party - Video Walk

I shared photos Saturday of the All Night Party and on Facebook here

Harry Potter's room recreated for the All Night Party
Harry Potter's room recreated for the All Night Party

I can share a video of the walk through the hallways to capture the look and feel of the transformation. Roberta Trahan, Vice Chair of the School Committee, says it well:
I was absolutely amazed at what was accomplished at HMMS, the quality of the decorations, the unique way they incorporated the outdoor area, the spaciousness of the site. When I think back to the early discussions when the ANP team was told that the new FHS would not be used for at least this year I honestly wasn’t sure how ANP 2015 would play out. 
I have to give kudos to the ANP decorators/organizers and all who worked to make this one of the best I have seen; for their ability to see this new space, work with it and embrace the change that was brought to them. 
Also, to the staff at OAK/Mann complex, especially Sean Fortin and Corrine Minkle as I am told they were welcoming, cooperative and bent over backwards to help. 26 years and going strong!
Enjoy the video walk through!

Note: yes, I do slip at the end of the video and call this the Horace Man High School, it is the Horace Mann Middle School set up for the Franklin High School All Night Party. I also call Hagrid 'Hagar', I have no idea where that came from. I know he is Hagrid.

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