Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Live reporting: Team Horace Mann Middle School

c. Horace Mann Update – Shawn Fortin, Kaitlyn Demers

(note the slide set needs to be updated as it doesn't include all the photos from the trips)

STEM is not putting students in front of computers
we do love technology, but we do not loose the 'forest for the trees'
challenged the Science Dept to create three small field trips
actually did 5 with a couple of more coming before the year end
several small field trip - single class
secret is to get students excited about science

nurture STEM, provide opportunities that could not be achieved in the classroom

Museum of Science brought a program on heat to the classroom
MIT, actually at Mass General Hospital - beefed up the background on genetics before the trip, looking for signs of life
Mystic Aquarium - biology focused
Harvard Museum of Natural History
Signal Rock Farm - sheep farm, further into genetics

trips were made based upon the interests of the children
kids made the choice

used a simplified application process

the students took turns explaining what they learned from each of the trips
one of the activities was to dissect a squid at Mystic

O'Malley - 
outstanding student presenters, not easy to sit and present to the School Committee
a science trip is important, we live in a culturally diverse area and it is easy to do and well worth it, connecting the schools and community. I also believe in bringing the experts into the school house

Jewell - 
applaud the kids for the presentation, it was great
my father had raised sheep and breed one of his own
DNA is on file for each soldier to help with their identification
it is exciting for you to see that

  • heard about Dr Carr via the network and worked to make the connection
  • Mystic Aquarium is a convenient and good location with manageable traffic
  • Museum of Science, if they could do what they do at the museum, here, it would be worthwhile; did provide some pre-planning to ensure a good fit and interaction
  • a lot of it was trial, if it works, we'll do it again

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