Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Live reporting: Discussion Only Items

3. Discussion Only Items

Policy – Second Reading
  • JT – Electronic Device Policy
  • JKAA – Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Policy
no questions or discussions on the policy changes

Re-Organization – Instructional Services

  • Elimination of “Director of Instructional Services” position
  • Creation of “Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning” position

Changes to the district and to the demands upon the position
district has doubled in size since position was first created
regulations are more complex
shifted from what we are teaching to how we are teaching
we have no ELL students, now we have 80

this requires a different set of expectations
shifting from a director to an assistant superintendent

Ms Edwards has done a great job and epitomizes the job description of the new role; works collaboratively with the special education department, working with teachers to get the best from all students

peer coaching and mentoring, has been a partner with Sally and I in this effort

I am recommending that we eliminate the Director position and create the Assistant Superintendent and put Joyce in that role

Mullen - I am in favor of this move, we are fortunate to have you

She has been an effective liaison to DESE and has also provided input on PARCC

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