Friday, August 14, 2015

Gearing up for the opening of school

The School Committee met on Tuesday, the first of their two meetings this month. Much of the meeting concerned preparations for the opening of schools later this month.


  • New administrators for high school introduced (B Redding and C Williams present. M Weber and L Markiesian will come to a future meeting)
  • New Director of Student Services,  Debbie Dickson
  • Handbooks for all schools reviewed and approved, they'll be posted to school website on Friday
  • School calendar survey results released and discussed. Overall a 55.6% response rate (81% from parents and 23% from faculty). No significant changes to current process for now.
  • Reorganization of Instructional Services position with recognition that the demands of the position have changed so the "Director of Instructional Services” position was eliminated and replaced with an “Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning” position. Joyce Edwards held the former and was appointed to the new position.
  • Among the action items was the formal acceptance of the "donation of a panther statue from the Graci Family for FHS." 
  • Student placement letters (i.e. teacher assignments) are scheduled to go out Aug 21; students are still enrolling and there are teachers still be hired.
  • On Friday the bus routes will be posted along with a document on how bus stops are chosen. There is a formal method with detailed criteria that will be posted to the website. 
Franklin High School
Franklin High School

The notes from the live reporting done during the School Committee meeting can be found here:

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