Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In the News: Medway considering joining SAFE, Solar Challenge coming to an end

The Board of Health, which currently has a member belonging to SAFE Community Coalition, hopes to solicit community members to join the coalition, which seeks to solve the statewide heroin epidemic. 
At Monday’s meeting, Board of Health member Jordan Warnick said Rep. Jeff Roy, D-Franklin, asked him to be on the Support for Addicts and Families by Empowerment (SAFE) Community Coalition to “help bring Medway into it.” 
“We’re trying to forge a relationship with Franklin,” Warnick said. “Alone, we can’t do it.”
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Local officials are encouraging town residents to participate in the Franklin Solar Challenge before the program's Sept. 15 deadline. 
Town Councilor Brett Feldman, who coordinates the challenge, said it was based on the state Clean Energy Center's Solarize Massachusetts program, which offers increasing discounts on solar panels as more and more townspeople use them. 
"It's based off that, but we did our own to maintain flexibility," he said, noting that such flexibility allowed the town to run its program over a longer time frame. "It started a year ago, and it will end in September."
Franklin Solar Challenge
Franklin Solar Challenge

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