Thursday, August 13, 2015

Live reporting: SAFE Community meeting

My live reporting from the FHS auditorium on Wednesday evening was via Twitter which I then captured to include other tweets with the same tag. Thanks to the others using the tag (#opioidFranklin). You'll see the results below.


  1. Opioid addiction is a complicated issue
  2. There are genetic components as well as environmental
  3. The body loves to adapt to the world, this adaption creates addiction
  4. Undoing the addiction takes time
  5. The earlier treatment is applied, and the more support there is for the individual, the more likely they will recover
  6. There are two support meetings weekly in Franklin,  we need more
  7. There are health insurance issues to be worked, the DA has started that conversation
  8. The whole body approach is necessary for success
  9. This is a community issue and the community can solve this
  10. There is hope, it will take work and time

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