Saturday, November 14, 2015

The new Town Council packet to study

At the beginning of each new term for the Town Council, Town Administrator Jeff Nutting provides the councilors with a packet of information. You can read along too!

Town Council getting sworn in by Town Clerk Debbie Pellegri
Town Council getting sworn in by Town Clerk Debbie Pellegri

1 - Town of Franklin - Home Rule Charter

The preamble to the Charter:
"We, the people of the Town of Franklin, Massachusetts, in order to form a more perfect community, reaffirm the customary and traditional liberties of the people with respect to the conduct of our local government and take fullest advantage of the Home Rule Amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth, do ordain and adopt this Home Rule Charter for our Town."

2 - Role of the Town Council

The first section reads as follows:
1. A member of the Council, in relation to his/her community should:
A. Realize that his/her basic function is to make policy, with administration delegated to the Administrator.
B. Realize that he/she is one of a team and should abide by, and carry out, all Council decisions once they are made.
C. Be well-informed concerning the duties of a Council member on both local and state levels.
D. Remember that he/she represents the entire community at all times.
E. Accept the office as a means of unselfish service, not benefit personally or politically from his/her Council activities.
F. In all appointments, avoid political patronage by judging all candidates on merit, experience, and qualifications only.
G. Abide by the ethics established by the State and not use the position to obtain inside information on matters which may benefit someone personally.

3 - Fiscal Policies

Note: the fiscal policy document handed out on Wednesday is a proposed update to the document currently approved by the Town Council and linked to above.

4 - Fiscal 2016 Budget

The Fiscal budget is really a set of documents with the Budget Letter by Town Administrator Jeff Nutting summarizing the revenue and expense driving factors.

Additional information on the Town Council can be found on the Franklin website here

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