Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Live reporting: presentation on Spectra pipeline proposal

- Spectra Pipeline – James Hill Franklin resident who coordinated the presentation by
Rand and Carolyn Barthel from Mendon

(copy of presentation to be added later)

the excess pipeline capacity won't be idle, it will be put to use to export the gas from the pipeline overseas

we would pay of the pipeline (via our surcharge) so they can export the gas to get a higher price for it overseas

climate change agreement in Paris would impose further restrictions upon what fossil fuels we would take from the ground;  state has rule to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050

new pipelines are actually heading us in the wrong direction

photo of an incineration zone where a rupture occurred tells a story

screen grab of presentation during the meeting
screen grab of presentation during the meeting

valves every ten miles would leave 10 miles worth of gas to be burnt out with a rupture

hazards for first responders

known carcinogens contained in the fracked gas

landowners can take action, they have some rights
comment in FERC process (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)

want to spend time on the municipal rights

there are 10 towns affected by this pipeline, collaboration among the communities is possible

reminder on 3 minutes for comment, please keep comments orderly and professional

  • Gail Chirdon

from a town in PA where fracking is being done and water can't be used due to the contamination
environmental impact is an issue
Williamsport, PA - the home of the Little League World Series

  • James Hill

lives a couple of hundred yards from the utility lines
received notice from Spectra, first notice of leak to notify Spectra, his notification indicated he lives in the 'danger zone', not within his home but within the utility lines

  • Ted McIntyre
thanks for Rand and Carolyn for making the presentation
thanks to the Council for listening

  • to add name

gas bill rates will be increased due to costs maintaining their 'distribution system'
transmission pipelines do not have the tell tail odor added to them
reference to a WBUR article talking of the pipelines as a 'classic overbuild'

  • James Schultz

warm spring night in 1994, finishing off work and heading to the bar
saw a fireball in the sky, seemed like a nuclear attic and headed to the student center
pipeline explosion in Edison, NJ
major destruction in a densely populated area
having seen this personally, it could happen here

  • Karen Lavery

thank you for an excellent presentation
2 points, this will cost the town money
why would we consider it when we won't benefit and it will cost os
if the gas companies had a proven record of good repairs it may be a different story
more leaks, more accidents, just crazy

Vallee -
Rand - they are asking us to pay for their facility to expand their service
with the global reductions, we will be going the other way

Vallee - had burned oil for years, no going with gas, never had a problem

Rand - in some respects it is cleaner than oil, particulates from coal,
gas is more convenient in some cases, from a climate point of view it is as bad as coal
it is a given that there will be a leak, methane is worse than carbon dioxide
so you've eliminated the advantages of burning cleaner

Vallee - I see gas as being for the greater good, I'll listen to more arguments

(add name) I urged these guys to spend more time on yes or no, and understanding how to say yes or no is important. It is an important tool in the tool box. Rich Cowan, retired regulator, 30% of the demand can be solved by fixing the leaks. the 'need' really needs to be peeled back to find out what the real need is

Padula - can you relay to us what our options are to how to say no
Terra Friedrichs  15-20 mins review with the counsel to review the current cases to see what
the proposal was re-routed to NH

the applicant has the burden of proof, Spectra has to show the national and public interest to override municipal powers

Bissanti - thank you for coming tonight. I did participate one night at Chestnut St
what can we do? from a track record stand point, how have you done?
Terra Friedrichs - on the fracking battle, Federal regulations govern fracked gas, local courts have ruled in PA for the local communities

route completely changed for the 13 towns, did the coalition do it, we are not sure, the route did change

Spectra will want you to play with FERC's rules, FERC gets their budget from the application fees from the various pipeline companies (potential conflict of interest)

Dellorco - as a town we do not do permits for this?
Terra Friedrichs -  401 water quality permit

professor at BU has found leaks and mapped them, showing the high concentrations of methane coming from the ground, fixing them can be complicated. Only fixed leaks where it was in their interest to do so

Jones - 30 diameter, approx depth?
Rand - approx 3 feet to avoid frost heaves, can go deeper to avoid things, have gone under rivers

Jones - looking to use the same right of way to put the new 30" next to the 24" pipeline, infrastructure does need to be helped, would need to be careful installing it?

Rand - yes, clearly. It is possible to have an accident, will likely have to widen the right of way

Jones - seismic issues not really in our area
Rand - we haven't dealt with tat as part of our presentation

Terra Friedrichs - per the export applications, they are waiting for these to do the exports

Carolyn - Spectra is adding LNG in order to say they are not doing this just for export but those towns don't want the LNG

Terra Friedrichs -  we would use it so fast we could not store it, which means we really don't need it

I would urge you to ask your legal team how you can consider stopping

Spectra will be here on Feb 24th to make their presentation

(2 minute recess)

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