Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Live reporting: to closing

– Fiscal Forecast
to be posted to webpage this week (is as part of agenda doc now)
state aid is always an unknown, there are variations within the components
the charter school is looking to expand the school with a new facility, this could affect the reimbursement

when we saw the 17 and 18 numbers, it makes 19 look a little better
do have collective bargaining agreement with all the locals
teachers union remains to be worked by Schools

will be used by the Finance Committee as part of the budget process

change in harassment policy - for review by Council

Bissanti - alcohol awareness
Cerel - looking into this, no litigation to provide guidance
can provide before license is issued or if there is a problem

Jeff - survey sent to all the license holder, if they require training of their staff
Kelly - waiting for them to get their info together so we can put it on the agenda

draft report on DelCarte in couple of weeks (an update on an old item for Padula)


Jones - happy new year, looking forward to goal setting session next Tuesday

Dellorco - Coalition, next meeting Feb 2, begins at 7 at FHS auditorium

Bissanti - happy new year, EDc has a lot of things going on

Pfeffer - happy new year

Vallee - rumors about the FHS football team with nasty remarks about
can someone enlighten me on how come we can't produce a winning team?

Mercer - open bids on Senior Center project last week, all 9 bids came in under budget, vetting low bidder; taking extra step to go to DECAM and vet the bidder their, looking to vote to award the contract. Beaver St possible entrance still under discussion

Padula - I had the privilige to be coached by Leone, it is a serious issue, the kids are affected by it, we are watching it and will weigh in on it

Pellegri - congrats to Alexis for MA Teen
can we keep the lights on through January?
Betty Noble, election worker and teacher for many years passed away this past week

Kelly - happy new year

- Pending or threatened litigation

Proposed Excelon expansion of Medway electric generating facility pending before Energy Facilities Siting Board.
Proposed Spectra gas transmission line through Franklin.

motion to go to executive session, seconded, passed 9-0

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