Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Live reporting: ECDC Update

a. ECDC Update


Kelty Kelley, Principal of ECDC

Valentines prepared by students for the Senior Center

values learning through discovery

community garden started last year, grant from the Y, assistance from the DPW

ECDC is a tuition school, looking to improve and enhance development opportunities

eliminating the 2 day option next year
extending time in school programs overall, shortest program will be 3 days

piloting a single age group next year, will really be dependent upon the registration and enrollment for this option

raising expectations for student actually results in increased performance

technology, use of Google docs and use of Blogger
thematic unit updates for classrooms to bring to the families

introducing students to technology as a learning tool, iPads for example

big difference in the 3 days versus the 2 days

There is a scholarship program available

early education matters...

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