Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Live reporting: through to Closing

5. Information Matters

  • Superintendent’s Report

listing of student athletes with NCAA acceptances
(add listing later)

Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards announced
(find listing to add)

Thanks to the DPW, they have been running 24x7 Friday though Monday with the back to back storms

issues with ConnectedEd system, issues were state wide, will look at other options (i.e. email, Twitter, etc.)

How did we make the call so early? AP Government students were slated to leave at 5:00 AM Monday to go to NH for the campaign; they had been preparing for months for this trip

Family Science Night - Mar 10
so successful last year, coming back this year

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports
budget sub-committee did meet on needs for the budget
this is the budget cycle, what will the state provide is unknown at this time

School Committee Liaison Reports

joint PCC meeting, tremendous group of parents involved

Trivia Bee coming, 'pop culture' is the theme

7. Motion to Adjourn, second, passed 6-0

– Dr. O’Malley

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