Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reminder: Franklin Newcomers and Friends February Meeting Information - Feb 10

Please join the Franklin Newcomers and Friends for our version of Antique Roadshow, starring Lydia Kirchthurn, a Newcomers alum. We'll be upstairs in a private room at Restaurant "3" at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Feb 10.
Franklin Newcomers
Franklin Newcomers

Lydia Kirchthurn is an old soul, and she has always loved antiques and the stories behind them. So in 2005 when she left her career in education to raise her children she started her new adventures with antiques. First she started buying antiques at yard sales and thrift stores and selling them on EBAY. Then she started selling her friend's antiques on EBAY, then whole houses of antiques, eventually working at a high end auction house run by an Antique Roadshow Alum. While at the auction house she realized that her passion for antiques and their stories included something unexpected - a connection to the spirits of the people who owned them. 

In 2014 Lydia left the Auction business and enrolled in the Rhys Thomas School of Energy Medicine where she is currently studying and honing her unique gift. Now she is uniting her worlds and offering unique antique appraisals and communication with the spirits attached to them. 

If you have a small, antique, family heirloom, feel free to bring it. Lydia will examine as many pieces as she can to reveal their value and possibly a story! Something personal, like jewelry, would be best.

As always, we welcome all to join us. Heavy appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary.

  • To keep up with Lydia, you can read her blog here

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