Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Live reporting: Communications and Civic Engagement

presentation at the Town Council, Jan 18, 2017.

overview of the challenges of the information world today

more news sources today presents a challenge

the "Google" problem, how do you get answers right away

staff have time constraints, do not have the budget of an Amazon to meet the needs of the Town

March 2016 drafted a communications "master plan" and worked to make it happen to "tell the story"

expanded Twitter and Facebook followers, from 600 to 2200
still a long way to go
set up a YouTube account to share video
may not use LinkedIn, too expensive for what it provides
developed social media policy

council agendas, meeting notes, actions taken
shared via Franklin Matters

new webpage,

new monthly news magazine "Almanac"

town webpage can't post 3rd party info so the Community Bulletin Board fills that need

e-permitting online for dog licences

all call system for emergency alerts

2017 goals

Town Council welcome letter

on the ground outreach via Police, Fire and Library

continue to work on the website, use analytics to help refine the page

transition to Google, a 12-18 month process of learning to optimize

demo of licensing center for Town Clerk's office
create an online account, need a permit, add to your cart

census mailing coming out this week

try out the suggestion box!

Meet me in Franklin - check out the link

Peter Facsiano - Franklin TV
new radio station coming

Sarah Mabardy - representing local business interests, #shopFranklin
Jim Schultz - representing the local non-profits

Polixsani Manxhari, new producers

WFPR  102.9

Q - what are you doing to reach the seniors?
A - working through the print media as well as social media still works

The radio station will provide an opportunity to broadcast 24x7
they are looking for content producers, have an 8 mile radius

no plans yet for live broadcasting but can broadcast via cable
the quality of the application and details to support it help

Yes, there will be a TV for the Senior Center being added for the 2nd floor
there already is one
there are 20 computers available
there are monitors available, could be able to run the signal through them

this is good work the stuff they do is incredibly good

you are doing good work, I did a show on the SAFE Coalition and it was great

looking to deepening the bench with free lancers

we are doing our best but it does take a 2-way communication
we can provide, if no one uses it, doesn't do much good
if any idea, let us know

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