Thursday, January 19, 2017

"There's no reason to do it, other than financial gain for the landowner"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"A controversial proposal to rezone a parcel on Summer Street to allow for denser residential development failed to pass at Wednesday's Town Council meeting. 
A full audience of residents applauded as the measure did not garner the needed two-thirds majority to pass, with only five of the needed six "yes" votes. 
The change would have affected the 11-acre parcel at 496 Summer St., altering its zoning from rural residential to a zone that would allow more residential units. Medway-based developer Grandis Homes indicated that they wished to put 34 single-family townhouses on the land. Developer representatives said the project would generate $270,000 in one-time permit fees, and about $250,000 per year."

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snow covered trail in the Franklin Town Forest along Summer St
snow covered trail in the Franklin Town Forest along Summer St
My complete notes from the legislation section of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday

The roll call votes was as follows: 

  • Dellorco - No
  • Jones - No
  • Vallee - Yes
  • Pfeffer - Yes
  • Mercer - Yes
  • Padula - Yes
  • Pellegri - No
  • Kelly - yes

vote was 5 yes, 3 no, the measure fails to pass as it need 6 votes to pass


  1. Steve you had a lot to do with the outcome. Thank you for your work.

  2. I agree with "Unknown" - Steve was instrumental in communicating with residents about this proposed change.

  3. Hope you keep up the quest for ├žontrol on an issue that is truly getting "out of control" in Franklin. Thank you for your support.

    1. I will focus on the process. It was somewhat hidden in the details on the run up to the recent decision but the letter from Jeff Nutting to the Town Council was dated Sep 29 2016 and yet the residents only found out about it before the Planning Board meeting on Dec 19th. What happened in the meantime? It was also claimed that notifications for map changes don't have to be made to abutters. Let's take a look at the zoning notifications and see if they make sense. That one doesn't seem to.

  4. I'll be printing this out and attaching it to my calendar for reference during the next town election. Thanks Steve for helping to keep these issues out in front of us. Thanks to all those residents in attendance at the meeting.
    Franklin is such a great town!

    1. Thank you! Keep reading, there will be more worthwhile stuff to share as the November election approaches