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2013 Master Plan: Housing Section

I copied the Housing Section from the approved Master Plan to let you read and see how many of the 2013 Master Plan objectives are met by this zoning bylaw change. 

One of the arguments for the Residential VII zone in this area of Summer St is that it meets the goals of the Master Plan. 

You can find the full Master Plan document online here

You can find the full Housing section (PDF) here

Read and decide for yourself


Goals and Objectives 
Policy Statement: Support in-fill housing practices and provide for all affordability options, giving Franklin’s residents the opportunity to maintain a decent standard of living. 

Franklin recently created a Housing Plan which was adopted in 2008 by the Commonwealth. 

This plan helped the Housing and Circulation Sub-committee form the goals and objectives listed below. 

Goal 1: Provide the appropriate mix of housing alternatives that meet the needs of Franklin based employment.

Objective 1.1: Assess current and projected employment within the Town, and propose policy and zoning changes to assure adequate workforce housing is provided.

Objective 1:2: Encourage development of a mix of rental and owner-occupied housing units that are affordable to Franklin’s workforce.

Objective 1.3: Encourage development of workforce housing in areas of Town where property is underutilized or needs redevelopment, and where walking distance of Rail service is available.
Please refer to Goal 1 in the Land Use section of this document. 

Objective 1.4: Create zoning that would allow for workforce housing in appropriate areas of Town

Goal 2: Support development of affordable housing opportunities for low, moderate and middle-income households. (See Appendix H: 2011 Affordable Housing Strategy – Program Recommendations)

Objective 2.1: Seek adoption of Chapter 40R: Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District, in appropriate area of town. 

Goal 3: Assure residential developments requiring special permits are concentrated where adequate utilities are available and where proposed project impacts will not significantly impact roadway circulation level of service.

Objective 3.1: Evaluate housing development plans to assure proposed projects utilize existing infrastructure in the most cost effective manner, and where capacity can be sufficiently increased in the most cost effective manner, as well as encourage 10% affordable housing in any new residential development.

Goal 4: Encourage, rezone as required, and support housing appropriate for expected future demographics.

Objective 4.1: Support the development of housing opportunities for seniors and the elderly. 

Objective 4.2: Change zoning to allow for the expansion of “in law” apartments in the existing single family homes.

Objective 4.3: Encourage the development of smaller housing units to better meet the needs of a younger generation of households.

Goal 5: Encourage future housing developments to take advantage of public transportation resources, including the MBTA commuter rail, and GATRA bus service.

Objective 5.1: Promote mixed-use, Transit-Oriented Development in appropriate areas. 
Please refer to Goal 2 and related objectives in the Land Use section of this document.

Objective 5.2: Encourage development of housing near public transportation, including the MBTA stations in Downtown Franklin and the Forge Park Station.

Goal 6: Support sustainable development, renewable energy and recycling initiatives, low impact development, and other “Green” activities during all public and privately funded housing developments (Refer to Section 9 of the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP), Objective 4.3 and subsequent actions.)

Objective 6.1: Seek adoption of Community Preservation Act (CPA) (Refer to Section 9 of the OSRP, Objective 4.2 and subsequent actions).
Please refer to Natural, Cultural & Historic Resources Objective 5.4. 

Town of Franklin Master Plan 2013 webpage
Town of Franklin Master Plan 2013 webpage

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