Thursday, February 23, 2017

"important for women to step up and have more of a voice"

Franklin School Committee member Denise Schultz participated in this event on Wednesday:

"When Yolanda Greaves first ran for selectwoman in Ashland in 2012, there were six or seven men - plus her - running for three seats. 
At a candidates' forum, the question was: "What makes you different for this role?" 
After looking to her left, and looking to her right, Greaves briefly acknowledged to a chuckling audience that she was the only woman at the table. Then she talked about her background in government, business and volunteering that she said left her most qualified for the job. 
"As women, we have to know that we're doing this because we know that we're the right person to fill the role," Greaves told an audience of around 30 women who came out to the Framingham Public Library Wednesday night to learn more about running for office."

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