Thursday, February 23, 2017

"People are really looking for a way to express their concerns"

Lesley Vernon is the Franklin point person for distributing signs to interested Franklin residents. Please send an email to Lesley at 

Signs are free

"The latest lawn sign springing up in front yards around town does not involve politics, Mendy Tarkowski says. 
Its message is merely a simple one that's universal: "Hate has no home here." 
While the Medway resident did not create the phrase, Tarkowski brought the national campaign to the MetroWest and Milford region by way of a GoFundMe online fundraiser over the course of the past month. 
The statement was originally the creation of a third-grader in the Chicago area, who coined the term last fall following a contentious and divisive presidential election, according to a Facebook page maintained by organizers."

As a result of this article in the Gazette:

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