Monday, February 20, 2017

School Committee recap - Feb 14, 2017

Much of the School Committee meeting on Tuesday was a summary of the needs of the District. Much has been written here of the positions and programs cut over the years. The increase in sports fees was what got me started reporting. I wanted to find out what the 'budget issue' was all about. 

The Central Office compiled this listing to help the School Committee with the prioritizations on the upcoming budget cycle for FY 2018. The School Committee via the community relations subcommittee has been listening to the community at their coffee hours and compiling a listing as well.

I caught the first hour of the meeting and share my notes below. I came back just after nine (away for a work conference call) to view the elementary schools wrapping up. My notes resumed and I followed the meeting until it closed.

Superintendent Sabolinski (center) comments during the meeting while Asst Superintendent Peter Light (left) and Asst Superintendent Joyce Edwards (right) listen

The video of the meeting by Franklin TV is available for viewing on demand

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