Monday, February 20, 2017

Town Council meeting recap - follow the water!

The most significant take away from the Town Council meeting on Wednesday was the overview on the water situation for Franklin. We get all our water from the underground aquifer. Very interesting stats and details on how we get it, how it is treated before we use it and where it goes after we have used it (via sewer to the Charles River Treatment plant in Medway).

Some big expenses coming down the road. A water treatment plant is needed for Wells 3 and 6 or we would see this in our faucets (slide 35 from the presentation below):

Well 6 is underutilized as it has too much iron and manganese in it
Well 6 is underutilized as it has too much iron and manganese in it

The water treatment plant needed for Wells 3 and 6 (slide 37) is estimated at $6M. This is starting to be planned for now and would likely begin in a couple of years.

Replacement of the Beaver St connector is more expensive and would cost approx $15-20M. The connector was built in 1910 and carries most of Franklin's waste to the Charles River plant in Medway (page 5 of the presentation below).

I highly recommend listening to this presentation and discussion about the proposed inclusion of private wells in the future water ban restrictions. Not, the normal conservation effort only the water ban (if declared). 

It begins approx. 25 minutes into the video and runs for over an hour.

The video replay of the Town Council meeting of Feb 15, 2017 can be found here

The Actions Taken by the Town Council can be found here

My notes reported live during the meeting can be found here

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