Sunday, March 5, 2017

Town Council recap - capital money spent, DelCarte playground to be replaced (again)

Much of the Town Council business actions on Wednesday were of the 'standard' type. Approval for a new appointment to the Cultural Council. Liquor license transfer from Annie's Market to BJ's (marking the end of an era for Franklin). Acceptance of the reorganization at Alumni Restaurant as the mother passes the license to her daughter.

The money side of the business saw the Council approve of capital expenses. 

$115,000 toward the purchase of a new fire truck. This is part of the 5 year rotation of vehicles. Some money is set aside each year. This was added to the $485,000 saved already for the expected $600,000 total.

A total of $1,681,000 was authorized for a variety of capital needs across the Town and School departments. The full listing of items can be found here

$665,000 was approved to be spent on capital from the Water Enterprise account. The enterprise account set of water receives the fee from our water use and pays for its services from the fees to be self sustaining. The fee will occasionally be set for an increase to cover expenses.

$610,000 was approved to be spent from the Sewer Enterprise account. Also an enterprise account, the sewer fees are set aside to cover the sewer related expenses.

In the Town Administrator summary of the meeting it was announced that the playground at DelCarte had seen additional problems over the winter event though it was covered. Franklin has worked with the manufacturer to get a full replacement of the unit. This time they will use a more standard material set (steel and plastic) rather than the concrete mix which, although it is reported to be working well in other installations, has not been successful here. The removal and replacement of the playground unit will likely keep the playground from being used for several weeks. It is anticipated to be available for June 1. There is no cost to Franklin for this work.

The Franklin TV video of the meeting is available for replay on demand here

The official actions taken listing can be viewed here:

  playground at DelCarte will be removed and replaced with a new unit of more standard materials
playground at DelCarte will be removed and replaced with a new unit of more standard materials

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