Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Live Reporting: Health and Physical Education Curriculum Review

This document is scheduled for presentation and discussion at the Franklin, MA School Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

(photo of group presenting to be added later)

in house teacher driver process looked at instructional processes to understand and revise the curriculum

SWOT analysis performed to start
incorporated survey feedback to develop plans for next steps

Kristen Letendre

  • Nick Goldman, Oak St

400 parents at elementary level, 85% felt not enough time for PE
majority of parents say PE and Health programs meet expectations

see page 13 for recommendations from the survey results

  • Greg Rakovic, Annie Sullivan

middle school program begins on page 14

survey results provided, student results found on page 17 

looking to increase health and PE

parents looking for more communications; hence increase use of Instagram and Twitter use

  • Michelle Hess, FHS

high school program begins on page 20

survey results on page 24
similar results in that the program is well received but more time should be spent on Health/PE

schedule issues where not enough sections of a class is available

looking to reduce number of health units and increase movement or PE time
revising the bullying curriculum to remove redundancies

  • Kristen

currently providing 30 minutes a week, SHAPE recommendation is for 150 minutes

major takeaways found on page 30

clarification on adjustments to come in removing redundancies, not reducing time overall

Live Reporting: Heath and Physical Education Curriculum Review
Live Reporting: Heath and Physical Education Curriculum Review

BOKS program is limited to 30 students at Oak St, offered through Lifelong Learning
started as a partnership with Reebok and the YMCA with a grant funding it, parents and elementary schools do it differently 

major life topics are being chunked into a short amount of time
SOS curriculum (signs of suicide) 

sexting is covered in bullying and cyber aspects as well as in dating topic

partnerships with Y, Town Recreations, St Mary's CYO, and others to get placements for kids who have desires to participate and may not have the funds to do so

Remington did receive and FEF grant for snowshoes

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