Sunday, August 6, 2017

Franklin Education Foundation (FEF) Announce Revised 2017-18 Grant Award Program

A recent Facebook post by the Franklin Education Foundation announces that the grant applications are due Oct 27, 2017. While this targeted to the school district teachers and staff, there is also a reminder that you can help contribute to the FEF via one of their fund raising events or directly online.

"The Franklin Education Foundation (FEF) is pleased to announce the revised 2017-18 grant award program. 
This is an exciting opportunity for faculty, administration and staff to obtain funds that will support stimulating and innovative projects. 
Founded in 1997, FEF consists of a diverse group of individuals from many segments of the Franklin community. Members include community leaders, local organizations, educational institutions, business and industry, and families.
Each member of FEF supports the Foundation’s fundamental goal of providing a forum and means of achieving academic excellence for the school students of Franklin, MA. 
We made changes to the grant program for next year in response to our surveying Franklin Public Schools (FPS) teachers and administration. These changes will provide applicants more time to construct a innovative proposal and allow for a more rapid project funding/implementation schedule. Next year, grant proposals will be reviewed and funded within the school year. This is a change from previous years when proposals were submitted for projects to start the following school year."

You can donate directly via PayPal

For additional information on the FEF and the grant process, visit their webpage

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