Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Live reporting: School Committee - August 8, 2017

Present:  Scofield, Douglas, Bergen, O'Malley, Schultz, Jewell

Absent:  Bilello

1. Routine Business
Citizen’s Comments

Review of Agenda
no changes

Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the July 18, 2017 School Committee Meeting.
recommend to approve, seconded, passed 6-0

Payment of Bills - Dr. O’Malley
Payroll - Mrs. Douglas
Correspondence: none

O'Malley makes statement on the presence of "signs" that may or may not have resulted from an incident at a school. The School Committee did not act to place the signs. They do want to create and conduct an inclusive environment.

2. Guests/Presentations

a. Middle/High Schools Improvement Plan Update 16-17

Annie Sullivan update by Peter Light, Beth Witcoff could not attend tonight

  • 6th teachers incorporated the responsive classroom into their curriculum
  • recommitted to process of incorporating core values into the program with whole school efforts; revised mission statement; will next work on vision and core value updates
  • 7th grade teachers working this summer on a program for their students this year
  • SEL and mindfulness approaches had effects on the teachers as well as the students
  • approx. 300 Tweets from the school Twitter account between Oct and end of school year

Rebecca Motte, principal of Horace Mann Middle School

  • 6th grade teacher training
  • school wide mental health awareness day held
  • established school based committees on 
  • explore science program
  • teacher cluster based website for parents to get info

Brian Wildeman, principal of Remington

  • brought back advisory program
  • School Wellness Advisory Council (SWAC), piloted the full day mental health awareness in May; one parent taught Zumba for 6 hours as the day incorporated all aspects
  • science standards, implemented units across all three grades
  • all 3 middle school will participate in the Anti-Defamation lead course this year

Q - what are the measures to show success of the approach?
When you go and observe the classrooms, you can see the common language and approach in the rooms as the students participate

Paul Peri, principal of Franklin High School

  • 10 year process came to an end with the NEASC visit
  • week of mental health awareness held with multiple
  • completed all observations of new staff, being in the classrooms and seeing what is going on 
  • biweekly newsletter to parents successful
  • the response of the Central Office and the community to the school family when loss was realized
  • recognized as an AP Honor Roll school, while FHS received it, it really reflects on the school district as a whole
  • regular meetings with the School Council were beneficial for the new administration
  • Club fair showcased the 70+ opportunities, student generated and run
  • did make Boston Magazines Top 50 listing
  • learned quite a bit on underage drinking/substance abuse and look forward to continue to work the issue, did not have any issues during Senior Week
  • focus on building relationships between students and adults (whether faculty or otherwise)
  • the 1% tardies while a small group drives the numbers and more work to address this needs to be done
  • looking at the grading practices to provide professional development and research to enable a good discussion among the staff

Comment - thanks for addressing the grading consistency as that was something we had heard from the community as a need of focus

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