Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Live reporting: District Improvement Plan - preview

Sara - this is a preview of the District improvement plan which I will bring back to the Committee for your approval. 

"inclusive" was added to reinforce and stress safe collaborative environments

focus on the four strategic objectives

Peter Light - explains more on the first initiative around social emotional learning (SEL)

individual actions do not include items that have already been 'institutionalized'

nothing happens in one year, the changes take more than one to be effective

what is our leadership structure look like for SEL?
SEL is still in an infancy stage and there is not yet a defined measurement
what are the skills we are teaching via SEL then you can set up to measure

focusing on classroom practices, what is going on; looking at behavioral issues is equally important

MTSS (MTSS = multi tier system support) developed internally (within the District) needs to be published so the teachers can start using it, and then published publicly so the parents and community can become aware of it too

Joyce - explaining more on the second initiative

World of Difference program, pilot this year, what will the future years look like?

science and digital learning focus on alignment and instructional changes
1:1 environment at the High School, many Chromebooks available in elementary; what are rights and responsibilities for teachers and students

can add the move to the Google platform more fully, had been at the high school, it will be an opportunity across the district

goal of grading practices will be multi year, not a fast fix
starting the conversation, it is messy work, causing an innovative disruption
not sure if a timeline can be fully fleshed out, not that linear
low hanging fruit will be common vocabulary around the reporting standards within the reporting tool

creating an educator based focus group to look at a homework policy incorporating best practices K-12, some district wide work, mostly building based work, want the work to be grounded in research and best practices; it will be a full year effort

Sara - third area

the transition plan includes a work product on her initial findings

Peter talks about the peer coaching programs; coaching, mentoring, professional development; but after 4+ years, what are the opportunities for the veteran educators to share and continue to develop; piloting at elementary this year; for all teachers, and for targeted teachers

Sara - final area, communications
not a sole responsibility of Central Office, needs to be shared among the principals and staff; all stakeholders need to be involved
what communications channels are working well, how do you want to receive it?

School Councils have a place and key role to play

Comment - commendation on the first bullet for communications

c. District Improvement Plan Preview 17-18

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