Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Live reporting: Elementary Improvement Plans - End of Year Update

b. Elementary Schools Improvement Plan Update 16-17

Kate Peretz, principal of Oak St Elementary

  • overview of the elementary program and what will be covered tonight
  • mid-year updates are still in process, the work will continue
  • data collection in the responsive classroom is key, how do we know that this is doing what we need to do?

Kelty Kelley, principal of ECDC

  • work on curriculum
  • started a play group with English Language Learner (ELL) families
  • .4 school psychologist added this year, worked on smart goal to address social emotional learning for the 3-4-5 year olds at the ECDC
  • for next steps, work on a common plan for intervention and continue to work on incorporating responsive classroom training with the other teachers (some have it, some don't yet)

Kathleen Gerber, principal of Davis Thayer

  • has a strong set of teachers at DT, working on learning from each other, being empowered to pursue as necessary; set up and incorporated feedback via peer observation
  • working on the co-teaching model
  • piloting iReady in math
  • partnerships with family and community, had fun Friday's for math, expanded to ELL and 
  • partnered with Dean to have tutors come into the classrooms, looking to expand this year; piloting a mentor program as well
  • PCC meetings are key to what happens, topics prepared for each meeting, including food services and food choices
  • exploring partnership with Lesley Univ on impact of trauma
  • working to develop clubs at DT; rock band, drama and chess club among other suggestions
Comment -"we learn best from each other"
Dean has been sitting there for all these years, to see them involved is great

Sarah Klim, Interim Principal of Jefferson

  • inclusiveness is one of the core values; not one of the most diverse areas so paying attention to this is important
  • a 'calm down tool kit', as a result of an FEF grant, placed in each classroom

Q - can you create a 'calm down' tool kit for the country?

Eric Stark, principal of Helen Keller

  • emphasis on social emotional learning as that is key to doing everything else
  • partnered with Dr Murphy to get professional development to work on behavioral support, set up a behavioral support team at the school
  • collaboration across the teachers to create personalized learning for the students
  • some programs received limited parent involvement; need to evaluate how to address this (possibly via the students themselves)
  • parent learning site developed to help support the learning at home, looking to expand use and awareness of this

Dr Ashley, principal of JF Kennedy

  • piloted before and after school programs; collaboration with Lifelong Learning
  • fostering cultural awareness, bring the knowledge in from parents

Kate again (instead of overview, providing school specific info)

  • REACH program assessment started last summer
  • used Collaborative for Academic Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
  • engaged all stakeholders in creating a collaborative culture
  • looking to expand professional development opportunities
  • Oak selected for pilot with William James College looking at school climate and culture
  • creating a greater connection between social emotional learning SEL and academics

Shannon Barca, principal of Parmenter

  • used Understanding by Design approach (kind of backwards learning)
  • newly designed SEL modules
  • monthly meeting, whole school mindful approach
  • implemented a collaborative staff development (via ed camp model)
  • inviting families in to be a partner in their students success
  • partnering with Lesley as well to get training and awareness on how to deal with trauma
Comment - core values mean nothing unless we can use them in practice

Tonight was an excellent night, there are things we can all do better. hard not to be impressed and proud of what we do have here in Franklin.

Sara - I'd like to thank them as well. I have been talking about my transition plan. My impression on such a strong set of professionals

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