Friday, December 29, 2017

Annual Report 2017: Zoning Board of Appeals

The Annual Report is compiled and published each year to be ready for voters to obtain at the November election. A PDF copy is also posted online and available for viewing our downloading. I'll highlight some key sections from the current report over the next week or so.

The following is a text representation of the printed pages 70-71 (actually 77-78 of 264)


Municipal Building
355 East Central Street
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038
Telephone: 508-520-4926
Direct line: 508-553-4856
FAX: 508-520-4906

The Zoning Board of Appeals currently consists of three (3) members and two (2) associate members appointed by the Town Administrator, subject to the confirmation by the Town Council, for terms of such length and so arranged that the term of one member shall expire each year. There is currently one (1) opening for an associate member. The Board would like to thank Casey Thayer for her service as ZBA Secretary and we wish her well in her future endeavors.

The Board of Appeals holds Public Hearings, as advertised, for Variance(s), Special Permits (including gravel removal), Findings and Chapter 40B applications.

The Board also renders determinations on land use and zoning issues. All necessary forms and applications may be obtained through the Building Inspection Department and via the Zoning Board of Appeals website at

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets in Town Council Chambers at the Franklin Municipal Building on Thursday evenings usually twice a month, at 7:30pm.

The calendar may be viewed via website at All meetings are open to the public.

The Board has been very active this fiscal year and the following agenda is a list of all applications filed, indexed and recorded with the Town Clerk.

Respectfully submitted,
Franklin Zoning Board of Appeals

Member, Since
Bruce Hunchard, Chairman, 1991
Robert Acevedo, Vice Chairman, 2003
Timothy Twardowski, Clerk, 2010
Philip Brunelli, Associate Member, 2009
Ian Luke, Associate Member, 2016
Leeanne Kerwin, ZBA Secretary"

Annual Report 2017: Zoning Board of Appeals
Annual Report 2017: Zoning Board of Appeals

You can find the online copy at the Town of Franklin webpage

and specifically for 2017

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