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Exploring 19 Crimes Wine - Jan 18

Exploring 19 Crimes Wine

Guest Host: Timothy Chagnon C.S.

19 Crimes, one of the fastest growing brands within the Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) portfolio, has been named 'Wine Brand of the Year' by leading US wine industry title Market Watch, demonstrating the outstanding success of this innovation since it was introduced to the US market in 2012.

Growing to one million cases in annual volume over the last 12 months, 19 Crimes is a unique wine proposition that celebrates the rebellious spirit of men and women exiled from 18th and 19th century Britain to Australia, having committed one of the 19 Crimes meriting punishment via transportation.

We will taste all 7 wines made!

Also A Leader In New Augmented Reality Technology
Available now via the Apple App and Google Play stores, this first-of-its-kind app will animate 19 Crimes' criminals-turned-colonists. Hovering a mobile device over the bottles will bring the character on the label to life, sharing their stories of rule breaking that sent them across the ocean to Australia.
Load the app on your phone to check it out at the tasting.

About Timothy:

Timothy Chagnon has been with Treasury Wine Estates since July of 2017. Prior to joining Treasury he had worked extensively in the hospitably industry. Over the past 10+ years, his experiences have encompassed all aspects of the restaurant world including casual fare and fine dining establishments under the direction of such renown chefs as Jasper White and Ming Tsai . Most recently, Timothy was the Wine Director and Certified Sommelier at Flank Steakhouse in Waltham.

January 18, 2018 - 7 PM

Exploring 19 Crimes Wine - Jan 18
Exploring 19 Crimes Wine - Jan 18

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