Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Live Reporting: Middle School SIP Updates

2. Guests / Presentations
a. SIP Program Updates - Middle Schools

middle school intro slide - screen grab
middle school intro slide - screen grab

training for Responsive Classroom underway, partially being completed this year, to be finished next year

Feb 8 parent workshop at Horace Mann for "A World of Difference" program for all middle school parents

planning underway for Mental Health Awareness Day (TBD mid-May)

2nd middle school slide
2nd middle school slide

discovered some gaps in program after 10 years of being in the District
important to keep initiatives alive and refreshed

3rd  middle school slide
3rd  middle school slide
 curriculum development, professional learning, advisory program

utilizing outside resources to provide additional info for the teachers

writing 2 year, SMART goals, hard to write for this period as it is different from normal shorter time periods

4th middle school slide
4th middle school slide

all three middle school have same platform for newsletters, in addition to use of other social media tools

survey on how the parent conferences are working to gain feedback

SEL is important, the Mental Health Awareness Day is just once, it would be nice to do more frequently but there are so many demands that doing it more frequently is a real challenge. However, that day did bring about yoga club activities which were not in place before so we are finding ways to do it in smaller bits

sustained health and PE cuts over the years, with SEL needs here, how do we do that?
more reactive than proactive

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