Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Live reporting: School Committee - Jan 23, 2018 - Elementary SIP

Present: Feeley, Linden, Douglas, Scofield, Bergen, Schultz, Zub
Absent:  none

1. Routine Business
a. Review of Agenda
no changes
b. Citizen’s Comments
no comments

c. FHS Student Representative Comments
  • wrestling 17-0
  • math and Mock Trial teams succeeding in addition to sports
  • rink now at full capacity for student parking
  • course selection for next year underway
  • jazz concert Wednesday, Jan 24
  • DramaFest hosted at FHS soon

d. Superintendent’s Report
article on acts of Kindness at Oak St for State House in Milford Daily News
professional development activities
  • Jan 10 civil rights training for all staff
  • Jan 25th MASC mid winter meeting focus on computer science and computational thinkning
  • Jan 26 half day
  • Parent conferences scheduled for  FHS
  • another half day on Monday, Feb 5
  • World of Difference training coming for middle school teachers
  • social emotional learning training, along with school based initiatives

2. Guests / Presentations
a. SIP Program Updates (Elementary/Middle Schools)

Elementary schools PreK to 5
(presentation likely to be available later)

ECDC slide - screen grab
ECDC slide - screen grab
pre-school does a whole child assessment
Jeannine Fitzgerald appearing at ECDC on Monday, Jan 29

Davis Thayer slide - screen grab
Davis Thayer slide - screen grab
created a Trevi Fountain as part of cultural awareness and coins raised from the fountain were donated to the Franklin Food Pantry

during English Language Arts planning realized that math was being left behind so adjustments were being made

working on how to improve summer time reading, previous efforts had been to increase from 55 to 58% so improvement but not much, more to do

Jefferson slide - screen grab
Jefferson slide - screen grab
Jefferson Labradors working on "Paws-itive" behavior recognition program

School Council working on improving school arrival and dismissal processes

Keller slide - screen grab
Keller slide - screen grab
looking at writing as a skill for development across the curriculum; focused work and exciting for the Principal

implementing life sciences standards using the STEMscopes

increasing school culture activities around the Olympics

Kennedy slide - screen grab
Kennedy slide - screen grab

incorporating parents into the curriculum with their world or work experiences
Kennedy used an extra room as a 'science lab' still needs to be fully fitted out but the space helps for the intro sessions

peer teacher observations underway within the school and District

Oak St slide - screen grab
Oak St slide - screen grab
planning for school goals and vision along with social emotional learning from the Willima James College pilot; certificate course for four at Oak to be shared further within the district as it completes

communication plan also under development at Oak St via School Council

received 178 responses to recent survey (far more than the 20+ from the prior survey)

joint planning ED Camp with ECDC

Parmenter slide - screen grab
Parmenter slide - screen grab
developing and revising curriculum with an Understanding by Design approach

revising school model: who are we? what is our vision? School Council leading this effort

upcoming 3 half day professinal development days with Lesley Univ on SEL

received grant from Y and will be sending backpacks home for the weekends beginning in March

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