Friday, January 26, 2018

Sports Classes Begin February 5

         Franklin Public Schools          
Lifelong Learning Institute

Badminton Badminton  - Beginning Feb. 7 

Get ready to 
rally! Badminton is a racquet sport that can be played by either two people (singles) or four people (doubles). 

Unlike other racquet sports, badminton involves hitting a shuttlecock - a cone-shaped projectile that moves differently than a ball. Able to reach much higher speeds than a ball, the shuttlecock makes for a fast-paced game - making badminton the ideal sport for those who like to be kept on their toes. 

Intermediate Coed Volleyball Coed Volleyball
Beginning Feb. 5, Volleyball is back 
and better than ever!

This 14 week course will provide a strong foundation in the basics of volleyball. The mechanics of passing, setting, and spiking will be the focus, as well as the importance of good positioning. A fun, competitive time is guaranteed for all!

Advanced Coed Volleyball Coed Volleyball
Beginning February 6, Volleyball is back! 

An open, fun and competitive environment for experienced volleyball players. Players are expected to have experience at the high school team, college or club league level. Yankee league rating of C or higher is recommended. This is NOT a class for novices or occasional recreational players. Players must have good ball control skills, court awareness and technique.

Brenda Reed, Director
Lifelong Community Learning

FPS- LifeLong Learning, 355 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038

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