Sunday, April 29, 2018

GoFundMe: A service dog for PJ

"Our son PJ has an extensive medical history. He used to stop breathing and he would turn fluorescent blue. We found out when he was 9 months old that he needed brain surgery for a malformation of his brain. This surgery saved PJ's life. 

PJ also has a cleft in his Larynx that causes him to aspirate. He has a paralyzed vocal chord, and is completely non verbal. PJ was diagnosed with Autism just shy of his third birthday. He also has PICA disorder, which causes him to want to ingest non edible materials, such as metal, glass, wood chips, rocks etc. 

PJ has truly had a difficult beginning. But PJ is a beautiful, sweet, fearless little boy. He started about a year ago at a special school for children with autism and has really made some great progress. Since being there we have seen more of his personality blossoming and his communication has increased. He is now able to use a special ipad to help him communicate his wants and needs. This school has helped PJ in so many ways. He has become a happier little boy. 

However as he has gotten older/bigger our day to day lives have gotten more challenging for our family and more dangerous for PJ. He is a runner, and has no safety skills as far as traffic and a fetish for any water he can find. Even though he is making some progress we believe there is still more we can do to help him live the best life he can, to help him with his life skills and day to day activities. 

Having done some research on Autism Service Dogs, we have discovered Ry-Con, an Organization in Raleigh NC, that breeds and trains service dog specifically for Autism. Mark Mathis founded this non profit Organization after training a Briard for his own son who is also diagnosed with autism. We have recently gone down to visit Mark and meet some service dogs in training and it was AMAZING!! 

Our son PJ blossomed before our eyes. He made a very magical connection with one dog in particular and we saw a side of PJ that we have never seen before. He was connecting with this dog on a level I never could have imagined. He was seeking him out for interaction. Looking for him as he would try to run towards the road and responding when this dog would herd him back towards the safety of the interior of the yard. PJ was in love with an animal for the first time in his life. 

This special dog laid with PJ in a bed for a rest and PJ was hooked. He was giving love like we have never seen him do. We are sold on the wonderful things this animal can help him with. such as:

  • Prevent him from running and wandering into dangerous situations
  • Enhance his current therapies
  • Help with his sleep patterns
  • Ease his anxiety in new or difficult situations
  • Allow for some independence at home and when in public
  • Engagement and interactions with his peers
  • Keep him from ingesting dangerous non edibles

Please consider making a donation.

Please also visit Ry-Con Briard Service Dogs website or Facebook page to learn more about the Briard Breed and Autism Service Dogs.

Thank you so much for your consideration."

The Maxfield family from Franklin

GoFundMe:  A service dog for PJ
GoFundMe:  A service dog for PJ

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