Sunday, April 29, 2018

Finance Committee Recap - FY 2019 Budget voted on to move to Town Council

Several questions were asked on the use of the revolving funds by the schools to balance the school budget. As you listen to the questions and answers, sometimes it appears that the answer was to another point or to one of the points in the question not to another.

The revolving funds used by the school budget are similar in that to the enterprise funds used by the Town. Fees are collected for a specific purpose (busing, or lunch, on the school side vs. water and sewer on the Town side). Expenses are paid out of the fees to enable the service to be self sustaining.

The questions get at how the revolving funds had accumulated such a balance as to be used last year, and this year for the budget. If the questions were not completely answered to your satisfaction, you may have another chance during the Town Council budget hearings on May 16 and May 17.

The School Committee budget page provides a summary of the various revolving funds.
"The following pages provide an explanation and financial status of the revolving funds
maintained by the District. All balances are as of June 30th in each fiscal year with a year-to-date amount for the current year."

Details on the school budget can be found on their budget page

The discussion on the walk in traffic to the Police Station comes in the context of the new regional dispatch center coming online later this year. The dispatchers would move from the station to the regional center. However, someone will still need to remain staffing the Police station to monitor the folks held in custody as well as this walk in traffic. Discussion is still underway on how to resolve this issue. It will be simpler at the Fire Station as visitors will interact with a kiosk and talk with someone at the regional dispatch center.

The full FY 2019 budget document including the summary letter and several great supporting pieces can be found here

or here:

Finance Committee Recap - FY 2019 Budget voted on to move to Town Council
Finance Committee Recap - FY 2019 Budget voted on to move to Town Council

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