Wednesday, July 24, 2019

LIve reporting: from Town Administrator report to closing

Sandy Fanning to retire next week
water ban still in effect; small fire at DPW
have found the source that it was attributed to lightning causing a hardware failure; tank is lined, water needs to be replenished before turning the ban off

the people have responded very well, water main breaks also contributed to the fill rate; response to alarms was key testement to avoiding larger damages; est couple of hundred thousand dollars
once taken off, it will be broadcast

State budget sent to Governor this week, some small amounts in there for Franklin, assuming it makes it though the Governor's signature; education and local aid funding was a major item; Governor has ten days to adjust or veto

memo sent to Gov and Lt Gov today, thanks to legislative delegation for their help on this matter

without their efforts, we could have been looking at deeper cuts

smoke stack fell in the 1950's killing 2 workers, is the one near Franklin Paint safe

Hamblen - rain barrells orderable from DPW - rebate available
happy birthday to mom, turing 90 tomorrow

Casey - congrats to 4th of July Coaltion; great ambassadors for the Town

Dellorco - Jones should ahve put glasses on long ago, he read it much better

thanks for the response on the tree work after the storm

thanks to the 4th

thanks to the 4th

Jones - son and 150 recruits passed boot camp, it was a wonderful graduation
with regards to the cheeters, maybe I wouldn't struggle so much
working on a three year project on EV chargers
some of the costs to implement need to be considered

Kelly - the road report was done in 2013
actually updated last year - Hellen
thanks for the 4th

Mercer -thanks for the 4th, it was a great celebration
a great job on everyone's part

speaking to the DPW fire, had been there, to watch the Fire Dept control the situation with multiple towns cooperating and coordinating equipment; control board with who is where, doing what, it was really impressive to see them operate


a. Pending Litigation: 290 Beaver St LLC v. Town of Franklin, Norfolk Superior Court Docket NO. 1932CV00593 - Challenging Validity of West Central Street Zoning District.
motion to enter executive session, not to return to open meeting
motion seconded, passed 9-0 (via roll call)


Two-Thirds Vote: requires 6 votes
Majority Vote: requires majority of members present and voting

The agenda doc can be found on the Town of Franklin page

The meeting packet (all documents released for this meeting)

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