Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Live reporting: School Committee Meeting - July 23, 2019

Present: Feeley, Scofield, Bergen, Schultz, Zub
Absent:  Linden, Douglas

1. Routine Business
a. Review of Agenda
no changes
b. Citizen’s Comments
none tonight
i. In the spirit of open communication, “the School Committee will hear public comment not related to an agenda item at the beginning of each regular School Committee Meeting. The Committee will listen to, but not respond to any comment made. A Committee member may add an agenda item to a future meeting as a result of a citizen comment” – from Policy BEDH
c. FHS Student Representative Comments
d. Superintendent’s Report
Executive Institute attended by Superintendent
equity not just a buzzword, a meaningful opportunity for change
have a courageous conversation

Dr Brown, very motivational speaker
a foot in two worlds, trama background and talent potential
how educators influenced him along way

Commissioner Riley unvealed "Our way forward"
pathways to success, improvment plan
four themes of focus, link to plan coming
holistic support on needs
innovation and evidence based practices
prmoting educator workforce diversity
crowdsouring curriculum
vision of the stare as a partner
incentives and rewards, rather than requirements and punishments

budgetary front - received a special grant for Safer Schools
$60K awarded - part of supplemental State vudget
supports efforts underway as part of capital plan

FY 2020 State budget update
preliminary word from Legislators is good (as published)
awaits the Governor's signature so it still could change
also 2 earmarks for FPS
possible revisions to budget in August after Governor settles on final budget

2. Guests / Presentations
a. none

3. Discussion / Action Items
a. Superintendent’s Evaluation
I recommend your approval of the Superintendent’s composite evaluation for the 2018-2019 school year as discussed.

motion seconded, passed 5-0

Thanks to Dr Ahern for her input
thanks to the full committee for their attention and comments
to present tonight the summary of the review
"Exemplary" is reserved for about 1% of all the superintendents
Proficient is the general or overall rating with some specific areas as "exemplary"; highlighting just the commendations and opportunities for consideration tonight

1 - social emotional learning
2 - staff wellbeing
3 - (to be added)

monitor homework policy across all levels

ensure all school council members understand their responsibilities

continue to promote wide range of career options for students

Scofield - you are out there, approachable and do follow up, people like that
thank you, we are fortunate to have you here

Zub - I'd like to echo that, it is an important part of the job and it is important to balance all of that. You are really passionate and engaged in this communities education. We recognize that

Dr Ahern - it really comes down to a team, among the central ofice leadership, the leadership in the buildings, so much of the evidence comes forward from the collective work in the district

The documents released for this meeting can be found on the Town of Franklin page

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