Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Real-time Reporting: DPW Presentation


DPW Presentation 
Brutus Cantoreggi, Director

Clothing Recycling Program
with Chris White

it is another option to recycle, folks can still use the other non-profit recyclers. The other benefit we can get is removing it from the waste stream and our recycle contamination rates.

it makes it easier for folks to help us remove from the waste stream, for those who want to call or deliver themselves to the other non-profits, they can do so. For those who wouldn't use it should help remove these items from the waste stream which will also save us.

it is a weekly program,  bags will be coming via mail.

everything can go in the same bag for convenience

Brutus Cantoreggi, DPW Director with Chris White on the Clothing Recycling Program
Brutus Cantoreggi, DPW Director with Chris White on the Clothing Recycling Program

Tree Removal Update 
(presentation doc to be added) 

The drought a couple of year ago and the gypsy moth (2 years in a row) both helped to reduce the health of the trees in our area

trees covered in only the 'public right of way', does not cover trees on Town property or school property

trees overhanging a sidewalk can be addressed because they are blocking a public way
Bushes on a corner blocking the sight line are part of the building inspector role (not tree warden)

what is a public way? not only where the road is, depending upon when the development was built it is either clear or tricky. Partridge St was built along stone walls and private property.  If tree grows in the berm between the curb and the sidewalk it is town owned; if on the other side of the sidewalk closer to the residence, it is private property

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