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2019 Franklin/Medway Jail Diversion Annual Report

2019 Franklin/Medway Jail Diversion Annual Report

"It has been just over a year since the introduction of the Franklin/Medway Jail Diversion Program. Our clinician, Kallie Montagano has been instrumental in making this an extremely successful program. Our officers have come to find more uses for the JDP program than were initially expected, and all of this has lead to better care for our residents who may be suffering from an acute crisis, or long term issues. The program aims to help the police solve problems for the longer term, and not just take an action that leads to an incident ending for the moment, only to resurface again shortly.

The Jail Diversion Program aims to help people in mental health crisis get the assistance they need, and not direct them unnecessarily into the Criminal Justice System. The Clinician rides with police officers in cruisers and responds directly to calls. They will help evaluate and make recommendations for further care and follow up. This shortens the time on scene for officers, and ultimately leads to a better outcome for those involved.

The JDP clinician can assist individuals and families who are seeking resources to help themselves or a loved one get care.

The Jail Diversion Program is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health at no costs to the Town of Franklin or Medway. The program is administered by Advocates Inc.

You can read the annual report here: 2019 Franklin/Medway Jail Diversion Annual Report"

Funding from MA Dept of Mental Health 

Program administered by Advocates Inc

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Kallie Montagano (Town of Franklin photo)
Kallie Montagano (Town of Franklin photo)

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