Saturday, January 4, 2020

Franklin Issue on the 2020 'Watch List': new PFAS regulations from MA DEP

As we enter 2020, there are several issue that I will be keeping an eye out for. In no particular priority order, this first one carries over from 2019. The proposed MA DEP regulations are open for review. Public hearings are scheduled throughout the State during January to review the proposed regulations. You can find the schedule at the end of the MMA article linked to and quoted below. Alternatively:
"Public comments on the draft regulations will be accepted by email to through Feb. 28"

From the Mass Municipal Association (MMA):
"On Dec. 13, the Baker-Polito administration and the Department of Environmental Protection announced their intent to file two regulations related to PFAS, a class of manmade chemical compounds considered hazardous to public and environmental health. 
While many chemicals have been identified as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, the MassDEP regulations pertain to six targeted PFAS compounds. 
The first regulation, filed by MassDEP, mandates cleanup by parties found responsible for groundwater contamination of 20 parts per trillion (ppt) or more of the sum of the six PFAS compounds. The cleanup rule also establishes PFAS limits specifically for soil contamination. Massachusetts is one of only a few states that have established formal PFAS cleanup standards. 
The second regulation is a draft rule that would establish a maximum contaminant level for drinking water at the same 20 ppt of the sum of the six PFAS compounds. In a press release, the MassDEP notes that the proposed maximum contaminant level for drinking water “covers a larger subgroup of compounds than any other state and provides a greater deal of protection, particularly for sensitive subgroups.”
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As an update to the previously shared listing on the "turf issue":

What we know:

What we don’t know:

  • What happened to the Conservation Commission mitigation measures from when the field was first installed (in 2004?)?
  • Where was the old carpet and bags of unused infill taken?
  • What will the Federal agencies do with PFAS and the recent revelations (if anything)?

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