Sunday, March 15, 2020

Mutual aid networks for 350 Mass during Coronavirus

"We hope you are staying healthy and finding support during these disorienting times.

As climate activists, we know that as climate change worsens, we will see increasingly frequent and dangerous crises like this one.

This is a grim thought, but I also find it a powerful one: the structures, connections and resources we develop to support each other now, will leave us better prepared to support each other during future climate crises and disasters.

We know that climate change disproportionately harms people already marginalized by society, and this public health crisis is no exception: my heart is particularly with people who have compromised immune systems; people without health insurance or access to treatment; those who cannot afford to stay home from work and do not have paid sick time; kids who rely on free school lunch; and many others.

Tuesday’s weekly newsletter will focus on resources and best practices for responding to coronavirus. But while that is still a work in progress, we wanted to send one resource out without delay.

In the spirit of support and solidarity, I want to introduce a new tool: 350 Mass and Community Mutual Aid form.

While a certain administration in DC is not going to take care of us or our people, we have many resources to care for each other.

Do you have resources to share with someone in need--extra food to share with a neighbor? A room someone forced to leave campus housing could stay in? A Netflix password?

Do you have needs the community could help meet--someone to look after your kids? Someone to drive you to the grocery store so you can avoid public transit?

Please fill out this Google form with your needs and offerings:

The results will be on a survey you can access to connect with each other. I’m excited to use this tool both to help support our friends and community within the 350 Mass network as well as to share it with frontline community partners, and I encourage you to share it with your community (on a neighborhood forum, Facebook group, or just with family and friends), especially those whose needs might be higher or access to resources lower.

(Note: many communities are putting together local mutual aid networks as well--we encourage you to participate if your community has one, or consider forming one if not!)"

With love and power,
Jon Wishnie for 350 Mass

Please fill out this Google form with your needs and offerings
Please fill out this Google form with your needs and offerings

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